Our Strategy

Lizard Publishing is a premium quality provider of educational reference, career guidance, and motivational publications for global learners, educators, and stakeholders in education. We partner with Lizard Education to provide counseling and resources to help students get into college and onto their career.

Our College Services Include:

College Counseling

One-on- one and in groups, we counsel students to become uniquely talented entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, fashion designers, filmmakers, computer scientists, journalists, psychologists, and architects of our 21 st century world.

Art Portfolios

We help students put together and submit their art portfolios.

Essay/Application Workshops

We offer expert, professional workshops to support students and parents in better understanding and preparing their college applications, personal statements, essays, financial aid, scholarships, study skills, and test preparations.

Writing/Editing Services

Whether it is writing a book, newspaper article, doctoral dissertation, or college entrance essay, we will guide you through the writing process and edit your finished product.

Road Trips to Visit Colleges

Each year we take students on road trips to visit colleges. We tour schools, meet with students, and provide valuable insights.

Video Essays

Some colleges require/request video essays for admissions, art, sports, and interviews. We help make you shine! We have the cameras, teleprompter, equipment, and editing studio. We will help you write and film the winning script.

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