The Lizard Story

In the beginning…

The name “Lizard” was chosen three decades ago and grew to represent our friendly, wordly, approachable, and versatile way of serving our students. When people think of college, career, and life planning, they envision themselves embarking on a quest to discover their personalized direction, pathway, and future. A lizard follows that same unkown and uncertain path as it negotiates a sometimes complex desert or jungle environment. By navigating toward a goal and climbing over and through complicated terrain, lizards search for what will make them happy and discover the energizing sustenance to survive and thrive.

The idea and resonance of a lizard sticks in people’s mind. It has a non-threatening visual appeal, which is necessary to navigate a rigorous and often complicated process. When people enter our professional offices, they are greeted with a 70-inch video graphic touch screen and four large and connected monitors full of information. We provide students and parents with technology-infused, though personalized, accesss to information, education, and wisdom. We encourage and motivate students as we demistify the college application process and support students in achieving their goals. The Lizard serves as not only a logo/trademark, but also as a companion along the college and career-planning trail. We invite you to “be a Lizard”.

“Two inspired counselors had a dream to help students write and publish their stories and accomplish their educational and career goals.”

Lizard Publishing

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Irvine, California 92618

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